About Us

Refresh Capital is a professional and innovative full service commercial cleaning company. We have earned a reputation for providing top quality cleaning services in an environmentally responsible and consistent way, through our commitment to reliability, honesty, integrity and hard work.

Our Services

Our talented cleaning professionals know your work environment. From Day-care centres, to gyms, and everything in-between, we have been cleaning commercial spaces for over 10 years and developed a methodical system for your specific industry.
Office Cleaning

Take the workload off you and your employees by outsourcing the cleaning of your office. By delegating the cleaning of your workspace to Anago.

Medical Centres & Hospital Cleaning

To maintain a reputable image, a medical facility needs to not only be cleaned regularly, but properly disinfected and sterilized.

Day-care & School cleaning

Education and childcare facilities are breeding grounds for germs. There is a high level of cross-contamination and bacteria/virus breakouts.

Fitness Centres & Gym Cleaning

A fitness centre contains the perfect environment for the cultivation of bacteria and fungus.

Social Impact

We believe it is our responsibility to help those less fortunate than us. And that is WHY Refresh Capital exists.

Blessed to be a blessing We feel a strong mandate that our business is purposed to make a difference. Refresh capital is not about creating excessive wealth for ourselves, we believe in doing what we can to help others. This is why we exist and why we’re in business. Our Social Impact Program allows us to deliver on our WHY. Through child sponsorship, we are having great impact. For every 12 months commercial cleaning contract signed, a child in need is sponsored. We have partnered with World Vision for our Social Impact initiative. This concentrated effort enables the Refresh Capital team to visit the community it is transforming to build relationships and offer further support through larger community development projects.

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