About Us

About Us

Refresh Capital is a professional and innovative full service commercial cleaning company. We have earned a reputation for providing top quality cleaning services in an environmentally responsible and consistent way, through our commitment to reliability, honesty, integrity and hard work.

Local expert, commercial cleaning service professionals.


Customer satisfaction reviews and analysis.


Trained, dedicated commercial cleaning experts.

Innovation Leader

Featuring the latest technology in commercial cleaning.


Environmentally responsible cleaning.

Solid Reputation

Customer satisfaction guaranteed!.

Germ Mitigation

Controlling germs in the workplace leads to less employee sick days and an overall healthier environment for your customers/clients. Refresh Capital's process helps us ensure we provide a germ-busting clean that not only looks great but disinfects and sanitizes.

Stay safe, especially during flu-season, by knowing the common hotspots for germs around the workplace. These include: doorknobs, telephones, computer keyboards, light switches, sink handles/faucets, and appliance handles.

Refresh Capital is dedicated to continuing research into cleaning best-practices. We use hospital-grade green cleaning products that provide a germ-eradicating clean.

Custom Cleaning Services

We offer world-class commercial cleaning services that meet the specific needs of your business. By analysing your office space or facility, we identify your specific cleaning needs. After this we are able to customize a range of cleaning services to fit your unique requirements.

Client Relationship

We know you're busy... you simply want a commercial cleaning service that does their job well, without any further thought required on your part. We operate on the philosophy that though our clients may forget our initial meetings, we never want them to forget how we make them feel! We get to know you and the niche needs of your workspace in our client walk-through. We listen and communicate the most effective ways to service your account and then ensure you feel good about the quality of our work every day.

Steps to Ensuring Client Satisfaction

Initial Consultation

We listen to your needs and rely on our experience to formulate a custom-tailored cleaning program. With over 25 years of experience we are able to target any unexpected needs our clients may have and provide a seamless start with Refresh Capital.

In-Person Facility Walk-Through

When you're ready to begin, we schedule a walk-through of your facility to review the details of your customized plan and fine-tune any service offerings.

Your Initial Clean

We look to build long-term business relationships with our customers and our initial clean sets the tone. We create a cleaning schedule for you that is optimized for your business and provides the best results.

First Month Checkup

Our experience has taught us to review and evaluate the efficiency of our cleaning plan and we do so with frequent communication throughout the first month. Our cleaning experts get to know your facility, staff, and expectations.

On-Going Client Communication

Client communication is key to ensuring consistent service and we realize you simply want a clean office without having to think about it. Our client reviews are an unobtrusive way to ensure an on-going quality clean.

Client Appreciation

Showing our appreciation and saying thank you in little, delightful ways is a special part of our client relationship. Our cleaning specialists want you to remember that they are always working for you.